Currently, I am 

  • UX/UI designer for wireframes and design for mobile app
  • Graphic designer of Logotype and Brand Book

Art directory, logotype, concept and web design

Art director and creator of a graphic, UX / UI design for a startup weekend TECH STARS. Launching an e-commerce website around emotional experiences.

ux designer


Logotype and graphic intentions

ux designer

Landing page – Mobile app login customer journey

Landing page and Mobile app login funnel

ux designer

Brand book for a blog

A blog for sharing experiences and lifestyle of digital nomads. I’ve made the Brand Book and the graphic conception of the blog. I’m the content manager.


UX Design – Dashboard

Find the graphic way for the company and make the design intentions to convince investors

ux designer

Graphic designer

Graphic designer for the launch of a new product: a card game created by young entrepreneurs to raise funds (flyer, posters, and display supports).

ux designer

Web designer and brand content for an e-commerce shop

Creation of an e-commerce store in a design thinking approach:
> Search and user interviews
> Positioning of the brand, value, elements of differentiation
> Realization of the logotype and the graphic identity
> Webdesign of the e-commerce website
> User tests and optimization of customer journeys

ux designer